DC-8 Mission Science Report

Mission Science Report Archive
Mission Date: 08/18/2001
Mission Scientist: Guillory, Anthony
Sortie Number:
ER-2 01-131
Mission Description:

Overflew Andros Island in an X pattern (twice) for intercomparison of LASE/Dropsonde and Radisondes. ER-2 (Sortie 01-131) flew pattern at 65,000 feet then at 55,000 feet. Dropsondes were released from both platforms at the same locations for future comparisons.

Mission Objective:

Andros Island overflight with NASA ER-2 and DC-8 for Radiosonde/LASE/Dropsonde intercomparison and Communications checkout with Key West.

Mission Notes:

Dropsonde #1 (DC-8) Released at 1851 UTC near Andros, terminated at 190230 UTC. Dropsonde #2 (DC-8) Released at 2006 UTC SE of Key West, terminated at 2019 UTC. ER-2 Dropped sondes at same locations near the same time. Key West dropsonde failed. DC-8 Specifics: Line #1 over Andros: 1844-1852, Line #2 1857-1905, Line#3 1915-1924, Line#4 1933-1941. 2000 UTC DC-8 Mission Sci. successful VHF comm. check with NPOL Sci. NPOL Directed SE-NW oriented leg from 2016-2021 then 2030-2035 UTC.


Ground/Other Assets Summary:

Radiosondes launched from Andros at 1731 and 1932 UTC. Special radiosonde launched from EYW at 2000 UTC


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