DC-8 Weather Summary

Daily Weather Summary
Name: Andy Schwartz
Date: 08/18/01
1200 to 0000

Weather Summary

The NASA DC-8 and ER-2 took off jointly today at 1:30p EDT from JAX NAS on a four hour mission to Andros Island and Key West. Chantal was not included in this mission.
Tropical--Chantal remained a tropical storm today and early lost much of its intense convection. As expected, this convection returned. By monitoring visible satellite imagery today and IR, it appears that the low level center became detached from the primary convection today with further asymmetry resulting on the western periphery of the storm--evident by infrared imagery. Further strengthening is forecasted, though at Chantal's current state, it is likely to occur slowly. A WNW track is expected to begin very soon in the forecast period, perhaps as early as 12 hours. Tropical storm warnings and hurricane watches are still in effect for both Jamaica and the Caymen Islands.
JAX--skies remained partly to mostly cloudy today. Winds shifted to a more SSW flow as the day progressed and remained 5-10 mph. Highs reached near 94 degrees.
EYW--skies were partly cloudy early with spotty showers thru the day. A funnel cloud was observed at the early afternoon mark--no touchdown confirmed. Temps topped out near 90 with winds shifting to the ESE at 10 mph.
Andros Island--Visible imagery confirms the island stayed void of any thunderstorm activity--offshore to the island's north and west, it does appear thunderstorm activiyt did develop, again confirmed by visible satellite imagery. Highs topped near 90 and the island stayed in an E to ESE wind regime at some 5-10mph.


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