DC-8 Mission Science Report

Mission Science Report Archive
Mission Date: 08/08/2001
Mission Scientist: Guillory, Anthony
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Mission Description:

Departed DFRC flew east to cloud layer in eastern CA and western AZ for microphysics checkout, then returned at higher altitude for LASE two level checkout. Then leg over coast of Los Angeles for PR-2 & C-STAR. Returned along wind line to DFRC over radiosonde site. Then MMS calibration followed by a spiral descent at 1000 ft/min for MTP.

Mission Objective:

Microphysics, PR-2 Checkout for their data system, LASE calibration with overlapping legs at 25,000 ft. and 35,000 ft.

Mission Notes:

1729 LIP Manevers 1739 LIP Power Changes (at 10,000 ft.) 1747 LASE Reports cloud decks at approx. 17,000 and 21,000 feet. 1804 Near Cirrus and Cb tops @ 20,000 ft. with leg through clouds extending from CA into western AZ. 1830 Plan to climb to 35,000 to repeat track above clouds for LASE 1832 ATC grants permission to 26,000 ft. 1836 ATC grants permission to 29,000 ft. eventually getting to 35,000 ft. 1857 Descending to 24,000 feet for leg over water for PR-2 and C-STAR 1900 Mission Scientist radio check with NASA 4 at 40 mile range to DRFC. Radio signal broken and unreadable by NASA 4. 1923 (approx.) Over water (Catalina Is.) for 6-8 mins. 1929 On heading for overflight of Edwards and radiosonde site. PR-2 thinks they found problem with data system glitch, ACLAIM worked much better, C-STAR nominal, all others worked fine.


Ground/Other Assets Summary:

Radiosonde release from Edwards, AFB at approx. 1900 UTC.



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