DC-8 Mission Science Report

Mission Science Report Archive
Mission Date: 09/06/2001
Mission Scientist: Guillory, Anthony
Sortie Number:
ER-2 None
Aerosonde None
Mission Description:

ER-2 aborted its flight due to storms in the area at takeoff time. DC-8 flew a 3 hour mission coordinated by JAX ground support over stratiform precipitation just east of Jacksonville. The dropsondes were launched during the mission.

Mission Objective:

Test flight with microphysics intrustruments on DC-8, AMPR on ER-2, coincident with TRMM overpass of the local Jacksonville area.

Mission Notes:

Dropsonde #1 at 1732, terminated at 173754 with good winds and thermodynamic data. Droposonde #2 at 180433, terminated at 181121 also with good data. Successfully sent and received confirmation of tempdrop messages from dropsondes by NOAA.


Ground/Other Assets Summary:

88D radar Level II data was requested to be saved from both the JAX and MLB sites.



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