DC-8 Daily Weather Summary

Daily Weather Summary
Name: Liza Axe
Date: 09/06/01
0000 to 0000

Weather Summary

Tropical--'Erin' continues to move to the NW slowly. Satellite imagery shows that there is still clustered convection around the system, but it is still getting sheared. It is forecasted to interact with a trough and move to the NW then eventually N. Another wave just west of Cape Verde has good satellite signature. We will be watching this wave for any development.
JAX--partly cloudy skies with some light thunder showers in the area. Lots of cumulonimbus clouds in the area. Temps topped in the upper 80's with mainly easterly winds at 5-10 kt.
EYW--mostly clear skies with temps in the upper 80's and northerly winds at 5-10 kt.



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