DC-8 Daily Weather Summary

Daily Weather Summary
Name: Liza Axe
Date: 09/07/01
0000 to 0000

Weather Summary

Tropical--Erin has been upgraded to a tropical storm with a center fixed at 25.7N 58.1W with a central pressure of 1004 mb. The maximum flight level winds are 45 kt. The storm is drifting to the NNW where lies a trough. It does not have deep convection, but there is a well defined low level circulation with some banding features. The trough is forecasted to be gone and a ridge is expected to build. The environment is conducive for further development with low shear and high SST's. It is forecasted by the NHC to slowly move to the NW and gradually intensify. Tropical depression 7 is located about 30W and is showing some banding features. Initial motion is to the west. It is forecasted to interact with the preceding tropical wave and continue in a general W to WNW motion.
JAX--mostly cloudy skies with cumulonimbus clouds observed. High temp of 89 and light variable winds.
EYW--partly cloudy skies with cumulonimbus clouds. Some rain and thunder showers reported in the early afternoon. Most of the convection occured to the north and west of the island chain. Temps topped at 87. Winds clocked throughout the day from the S to the NNE at 5-10 kt.


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