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Dr. Sara Graves and Ken Keiser represented GHRC at the Earth Cube Real-time Workshop in Boulder, CO, June 17-18. The workshop was held at UCAR and sponsored by NSF. GHRC presentations covered data management, visualization and collaboration activities for GPM Ground Validation; data provenance tools developed for the AMSR-E SIPS at GHRC; and new data search and analysis technologies being developed in the GHRC Innovations Laboratory.

The initial phase of the Iowa Flood Studies field campaign has begun.  IFloodS is the first of several hydrology-oriented field efforts that the GPM Ground Validation (GV) program is conducting.   GHRC is providing a collaboration portal for the field campaign team to exchange data and information including instrument status, mission science reports, weather forecasts and preliminary science data.  We have already begun collecting instrument data and model output for the region.  More instruments will come online throughout April in preparation for the official start of the campaign on May 1.  During the field campaign, access to the collaboration portal  and quicklook data is restricted to team members.  We expect to begin receiving and publishing quality controlled data products from the mission in approximately six months.


GCPEX logoGHRC has started publishing data from the the GPM Cold-season Precipitation Experiment (GCPEx). The GPM Ground Validation DC-8 Navigation and Housekeeping Data GCPEX dataset is composed of two types of files. National Suborbital Education and Research Center (NSERC) of the University of North Dakota (UND) provided the geo-located housekeeping data containing the altitude, pressure, air speed, wind speed and other attributes. The NASA DC-8 Navigation data in comma delimited IWG1 format were collected and utilized in-flight during the GCPEx mission and retrieved from the Real-Time Mission Monitor.


Ken Keiser (UAH/ITSC) represented GHRC at the GEOSS Future Products Workshop 2013, held March 26-28 at the NOAA Science Center in Silver Spring, MD. This workshop provided a unique opportunity to learn how GEOSS as a platform makes all sorts of sensor and model data available in an interoperable manner, with a particular focus on Sensor Web and Model Web.


Rahul Ramachandran (UAH/ITSC) represented GHRC at the first plenary meeting of the newly formed Research Data Alliance, March 18-23 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The goal of the RDA is to accelerate international data-driven innovation and discovery through the development and adoption of infrastructure, policy, practice, standards, and other deliverables. RDA sponsors include the RDA/US activity funded by the National Science Foundation, as well as the European Commission and Australia. Dr. Ramachandran will be leading a Big Data Working Group within RDA.

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