GHRC published two radar datasets in support of NASA ER-2 instrumentation data for the Midlatitude Continental Convective Clouds Experiment (MC3E) held in Oklahoma in 2011.  The GPM Ground Validation Pawnee Radar MC3E  is a single polarization (V polarization) Doppler radar and the GPM Ground Validation CHILL Radar MC3E is a dual linear polarization Doppler Radar operated by Colorado State University.  Data from both radars were collected while the NASA ER-2 aircraft conducted a series of four legs along the 090 and 120 degree CHILL azimuths when widespread rain was in progress on May 24, 2011.  The aircraft flew a series of pre-defined ground tracks that coincided with radials from the CSU-CHILL radar. The CSU-Pawnee radar maintained volume coverage of the echo system while the radial flight legs were in progress. During aircraft course reversals at the ends of the radial legs, the CHILL and Pawnee radars started volume scans in synchronization to support dual Doppler wind syntheses. CHILL and Pawnee radar data are available as separate datasets.


The NAMMA Lightning ZEUS Data at the GHRC has been updated and now contains data from Europe and Brazil as well as Africa. The NAMMA ZEUS data is provided by World-ZEUS Long Range Lightning Monitoring Network Data obtained from sferics located at thirteen ground stations spread across the European and African continents and Brazil. Lightning activity occurring over a large part of the globe is continuously monitored at varying spatial accuracy (e.g. 10-20 km within and >50 km outside the network periphery) and high temporal (1 msec) resolution. These data files were generated during support of the NASA African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses (NAMMA) campaign, a field research investigation sponsored by the Science Mission Directorate of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).


GHRC DAAC Manager Michael Goodman attended the 3rd Workshop of the Global Flood Working Group in College Park MD on 4-5 March. The workshop was led by Bob Adler/U. Maryland, Bob Brakenridge/U. Colorado  and Tom De Groeve / European Commission Joint Research Centre.


GHRC DAAC Manager Michael Goodman attended the 67th IHC/Tropical Cyclone Research Forum at the NOAA Center for Climate and Weather Prediction on March 5, 2013, and virtually on March 6. GHRC data holdings include satellite, airborne and in situ data from many NASA hurricane science field campaigns including GRIP (Aug/Sept 2010), NAMMA (Aug/Sept 2006), TCSP (Summer 2005), ACES (Aug/Sept 2002), CAMEX 3 and 4 (Fall 1998, Fall 2001).


Dr. Sara Graves, the Director of UAH Information Technology & Systems Center (ITSC), which jointly manages GHRC with NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), attended a meeting of the Climate Change Science Institute (CCSI) Science Advisory Board (SAB) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory on March 5-7.  The ORNL DAAC is one of the key data centers in the CCSI.

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