ER-2 Data and Reports

CAMEX-4 Data and Reports
Instrument: EDOP Date: 09/03/2001
Dataset: c4eedop_2001.246_daily.tar (495093760bytes) BROWSE
Instrument: HAMSR Date: 09/03/2001
Dataset: c4ehamsr_2001.246_01-134.tar (6963200bytes) BROWSE
Instrument: LIP ER-2 Date: 09/03/2001
Dataset: c4elip_2001.246_134.tar (35573760bytes) BROWSE
Instrument: MTP ER-2 Date: 09/03/2001
Dataset: c4emtp_2001.246_01134.tar (880640bytes) BROWSE
Instrument: NAV ER-2 Date: 09/03/2001
Dataset: c4enav_2001.246_010134.tar (8816640bytes) BROWSE
Instrument: NOAA-O3 Date: 09/03/2001
Dataset: c4eo3p_2001.246_01-134.asc (260182bytes) Not Applicable


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