ER-2 Weather Summary

Daily Weather Summary
Name: Liza Axe
Date: 09/03/01
0000 to 0000

Weather Summary

Tropical--TS Erin is not looking so hot anymore. Satellite imagery is showing an exposted low level center which is not conducive for organization or intensification. Also, convection surrounding the storm is depleting. Erin has weakened throughout the day as confirmed by a drifting buoy. The trough off the US coast is forecasted to move to the east and weaken the mid-Atlantic ridge. This will allow Erin to recurve more to the north. Models, however, show that it will continue in a general WNW track and then north. We will continue to monitor the storm.
JAX--clear skies much of the day until mid-afternoon when thunder showers passed through the area. Winds were mainly easterly at 5-10 kt. High temp of 87.
EYW--mostly clear skies with some towering cumulus to the NW of island. SE winds at 5-10 kt and a high temp of 89.



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