The GHRC DAAC has published a micro article describing "Highlights from Albrecht et. al's 'Where Are the Lightning Hotspots on Earth?’ publication."  This publication in the November 2016 issue of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS) described Dr. Rachel Albrecht’s research with the GHRC’s 16-year data record from the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS). Albrecht’s resulting data product, the LIS 0.1 Degree Very High Resolution Gridded Lightning Climatology Data Collection, is also available from the GHRC.

Update (10/2/17): Dr. Rachel Albrecht has recently been featured in NASA Earthdata's Data User Profile portion of their website.

Update (10/26/17): Results from Dr. Rachel Albrecht's research were used as a question on the television game show Jeopardy! that aired on Oct. 25th (see pic courtesy of Chris Shultz). The data providing the answer to this question is available at GHRC See the GHRC Twitter page retweet.

In 2016 NASA reported that this Venezuelan lake was the world's lightning capital with 603 bolts per sq. mile per year

Global Hydrology Resource Center Distributed Active Archive Center (GHRC DAAC) held its User Working Group meeting September 26-27 in Huntsville, AL. The DAAC reported on 2016 accomplishments and provided responses to last year's recommendations from the UWG. The GHRC DAAC UWG is led by outgoing chair John Zawislak (Florida International University). Incoming chair will be Michael Peterson (University of Maryland).

2017 Agenda and Presentations

2017 GHRC Annual Report

GHRC DAAC is excited to host our upcoming annual User Working Group (UWG) this week on September 26-27! 

Here's a link to the 2017 UWG agenda

2016 GHRC DAAC User Working Group

Image credit: Houze, Jr., R. A. , L. A. McMurdie, & W. A. Petersen, 2017: The Olympic Mountains Experiment for GPM (OLYMPEX), AMS Annual Meeting, Seattle, 25 January 2017

Image credit: Houze, Jr., R. A. , L. A. McMurdie, & W. A. Petersen, 2017: The Olympic Mountains Experiment for GPM (OLYMPEX), AMS Annual Meeting, Seattle, 25 January 2017


The OLYMPEx Field Campaign was a valuable part of the GPM-Ground Validation effort that took place in the Olympic Mountains of Washington during Nov 2015-Jan 2016.  OLYMPEX scientists performed detailed investigations of terrain amplification of Pacific storm rain events and atmospheric river events. GHRC has started publishing OLYMPEX datasets, including several ground precipitation instruments (Pluvio, Autonomous Parsivel Units, Rain Gauges, 2DVD), ground radars (MRR, D3R), and airborne instruments that flew on the Global Hawk (HIWRAP, APR-3) and the Citation II (NCAR Particle Probes and Cloud Microphysics Datasets) aircraft flown during the campaign to coincide with GPM overflights.

More datasets will be published in the coming months. To access available data, visit HyDRO and search with the word "OLYMPEX"


List of OLYMPEX datasets

GPM Ground Validation Pluvio Precipitation Gauges OLYMPEX

GPM Ground Validation Autonomous Parsivel Unit (APU) OLYMPEX

GPM Ground Validation High Altitude Imaging Wind and Rain Airborne Profiler (HIWRAP) OLYMPEX

GPM Ground Validation Met one Rain Gauge Pairs OLYMPEX

GPM Ground Validation Airborne Precipitation Radar 3rd Generation (APR-3) OLYMPEX

GPM Ground Validation Micro Rain Radar (MRR) OLYMPEX

GPM Ground Validation Dual-frequency Dual-polarized Doppler Radar (D3R) OLYMPEX


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Sensing Our Planet article

Shannon Flynn, a software developer for both the GHRC DAAC and the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR) Science Investigator-led Processing System (SIPS), met with Cumulus project developers Development Seed in Washington DC, August 8-11. Flynn reviewed DevSeed’s plans and prototypes for SIPS operations within Cumulus, and worked with the team on their implementation of AMSR processing software.

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