2011 GOES-R Presentations

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Presentation Author
GLM Day 1
The  National Hurricane Center GOES-R Proving Ground Mark DeMaria
Multi–Sensor Approach to Determining Storm Intensity and Physical Relationships  in Lightning–Producing Storms John R. Mecikalski
The NASA Lightning Nitrogen Oxides Model (LNOM): Recent Updates & Applications W. Koshak
Lightning Spectroscopy Thomas Walker
GOES-R ProgramUpdate Steve Goodman
Discussion on Training GLM, Total Lightning,  Apps Brian Motta

Lightning  Jump Algorithm and National Field Demo: Past, Present and Future Work

Christopher  J. Schultz
NASA SPoRT’s Pseudo Geostationary Lightning Mapper (PGLM) Geoffrey Stano


Presentation Author


Matthew Goodman


Presentation Author
GLM Day2
Update on WTLN Stan Heckman
A Tour of Lightning With HAMMA Phillip M. Bitzer
GOES-R GLM Calibration Bob Iacovazzi Jr.
WWLLN (World Wide Lightning Location  Network) Robert Hozworth
Use and  Evaluation of Total Lightning Data in the GOES-R Proving Ground and Experimental Warning Program Kristin Kuhlman
Lightning  Mapping Array (LMA) Observations in CHUVA:    Status Update Richard Blakeslee
GLM Meeting Summary  
West Texas LMA Eric Bruning

GLM Proxy  Data Roadmap

Monte Bateman

GLM Proxy Data Generation: Methods for Stroke/Pulse Level Inter-comparison of  Ground-based Lightning Reference Networks

Ken Cummins

Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) with focus on the Lightning Imager (MTG-LI) Status and Activities

Jochen Grandell


Presentation Author
R3 Thursday Morning
GOES-R Program  
Cooperative Institute For Alaska  Research (CIFAR) Tom Heinrichs
Cooperative  Institute for Climate and Satellites (CICS)  
Summary of GOES-R Activities  at CIMSS/ASPB and Recommendations for the Future Steven  Ackerman
CIOSS: Cooperative Institute for Oceanographic Satellite Studies Capabilities in Ocean Remote Sensing Ted Strub
GOES-R  Risk Reduction Annual Meeting 2011 Christian Kummerow
SPoRT GOES-R Proving Ground Activities Geoffrey  Stano
Atmospheric  Electricity and Lightning Research at UAH  


Presentation Author
R3 Wednesday PM
NWS Preparation for  GOES-R Risk Reduction Annual Meeting Mike Johnson
GOES-R Proving Ground Update Steve Goodman
GOES-R Algorithm Working  Group (AWG) Program Status Jaime Daniels
Joint Polar Satellite  System Mitch Goldberg
A  Blended, Multi-Platform Tropical Cyclone Rapid Intensification Index John  Knaff
Combined Geo/Leo High Latitude Atmospheric Motion Vectors Matthew A. Lazzara
A  Multi–Sensor Approach to Monitoring Storm Intensity towards an Application of  GOES-R data J. R. Mecikalski
Combining GOES-R and GPM to improve GOES-R rainrate product Nai-Yu Wang
Breakout Session Thematic Areas  


Presentation Author
R3 Thursday O_T
Quantitative Image Restoration Irina Gladkova
McIDAS-V Support for GOES-R  Risk Reduction Projects Tom  Rink
GOES-R Ocean Dynamics: Ocean Surface Currents From SST Kinematic and Dynamic Approaches Eileen Maturi
Cloud-top Relief Spatial  Displacement Adjustments of GOES-R Images Shayesteh Mahani
Development of a Bayesian Cloud Mask for All GOES-R Applications Eileen Maturi
Toward  Operational Uses of Geostationary Imager Radiance Data in the GSI Analysis  System Fuzhong Weng
Assimilation  of GLM data using HVEDAS Milija Zupanski
Assimilation of Lightning In WRF Using 1-D + 4-D VAR H.  Fuelberg

A lightning data  assimilation scheme for the WRF-ARW model at cloud-resolving scales-Case  studies

Alexandre Olivier Fierro
Developing  Assimilation Techniques for Atmospheric Motion Vectors Derived via a New Nested Tracking Algorithm Derived for the GOES-R Advanced  Baseline Imager (ABI) Jaime  Daniels
The Utility of GOES-R and LEO Soundings for Hurricane Data  Assimilation and Forecasting Jun Li
Applications of GOES-R Data to the Warn-on-Forecast Project Thomas Jones
Investigating the Effects of  Detector-Averaged SRFs Mat  Gunshor


Presentation Author
R3 Thursday PM HIW
Combining GLM and ABI Data for Enhanced GOES-R Rainfall  Estimates R. Adler
Validation of GOES-R Vol Ash  Products: Near Real-Time Operational Decision Support/Hazard Analysis  
Development of a GOES-R Automated Volcanic Cloud Alert System Michael  Pavolonis
Integrated GOES-R GLM/ABI approaches for the detection and  forecasting of convectively induced turbulence (CIT) Lawrence Carey
The GOES-R GLM Lightning Jump Algorithm (LJA): Research to  Operational Algorithm Lawrence D. Carey
R3 Talk William Koshak
Storm Tracking and Lightning Cell Clustering using GLM for  Data Assimilation and Forecast Applications Kristin  Kuhlman
The WRF Lightning  Forecast Algorithm:  Refinement and  Incorporation into  Convective Ensemble Forecasts E. W. McCaul, Jr.
Improving  GOES-R Cloud and Precipitation Products Associated with DCSs using NEXRAD Radar  Network over Continental USA Xiquan Dong
Improvements  to QPE using GOES visible ABI and model  data Robert Rabin
Improving  GOES-R Temperature/Moisture Retrievals and Derived Products and NearCasts using Hyper-spectral POES Soundings   and   Validating NearCast Products for GOES-R Proving  Ground Ralph A.  Petersen
Convective Storm Forecasting 1-6 Hours Prior  to Initiation John  Mecikalski
Improved  Understanding and Diagnosis of Tropical Cyclone Structure and Structure Changes John Knaff


R3 Thursday PM Breakout
R3 Breakout 1
R3 Breakout 3
R3 Breakout haz wx Qs v1


Presentation Author
R3 Friday Morning
Evapotranspiration and Drought  Monitoring Using GOES-R Products for NIDIS Christopher  Hain
Improving  monitoring of tropical forests and their characterizations in NCEP models using GOES-R ABI land products  data Yuhong Tian
IDEA-like GOES-R Air  Quality Proving Ground data distribution system Hai  Zhang
Assimilation  of GOES-R ABI Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) in a Regional Air Quality Model to  Improve Surface PM2.5 Forecasts S. Kondragunta
GOES-R Space Weather L2+ Algorithms William  F. Denig
Ensemble Simulation of GOES-R Proxy  Radiance Data from CONUS Storm-Scale Ensemble Forecasts, Product Demonstration  and Assessment at the Hazardous Weather Testbed GOES-R Proving Ground Ming  Xue
GOES-R Education Proving  Ground Steve Ackerman
Project V:  Training  Bernie  Connell

GOES-R3  TAC Recommendations



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